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about superior sound

Superior Sound Entertainment is a professional wedding DJ company based in Clay, Alabama. The company has been in the business for more than 10 years, and are known for getting everyone engaged on the dance floor. They understand that planning a wedding can be stressful so they make sure that the entertainment part of the wedding will be the easiest. Couples, let’s get this party started now!

Disc Jockey

Services Offered

Superior Sound Entertainment provides consultations to help couples with the details and planning. It plays a variety of music genres from oldies to pop, country to rock, hip-hop to jazz, and many more. Superior Sound Entertainment's packages include the following:

  • MC

  • Do-not-play-list

  • One event per day

  • Disco ball

  • Microphones

  • Projectors and Screens

  • Wireless Uplighting

  • Texture Lighting

  • Animated Monograms

  • Static Monograms

  • Cake Pin Spot Lighting

  • Spot Lighting (FIrst Dance)

  • Sound/PA systems

  • Liability Insurance

  • Consultation

DJ Prez.jpg

Robert better known around the Birmingham area as DJ PREZ and owner of Superior Sound, has over 15 years of entertainment experience. Including corporate events, weddings, world heavy weight title fights, top night clubs in the city. He also provides entertainment for  numerous charity events including the annual, Growing King's "Chuck and Tux" fundraiser, Leukemia and Lymphoma societies man/woman of the year, and the autism of alabama fundraisers.

Robert loves to dance and his favorite song choices are the ones that make you want to move. Artist that inspire him would be Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He has also won awards from in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

"I believe music is one of the most influential possessions humans have on this planet. A few musical notes can make a sad person happy, recall a memory of something that was once forgotten, or give a man courage to give his life for something he believes in. It has been used by humans through out our history to motivate. I love the fact that  I can  use it to make someone's day happy despite the problems we go through day to day. I like when  I can get a shy person to dance like no one is watching. It's enjoyable to make people feel good by the use of my skills." -- Robert F., DJ Prez

Uplighting Packages

Uplighting is a way to accent the architecture in your wedding ballroom, barn or outside your wedding venue. Uplighting should not be confused with dance floor lighting. Dance floor lighting typically moves and changes base on the music and is pointed mainly at the dance floor. Dance lighting is included in our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages.

Think of up-lighting as a way to bring in your wedding c o l o r s or accent those c o l o r s within your room decor. If the bridesmaid dresses are blue, then maybe a complimentary color like yellow on the walls will work for your wedding uplighting. Maybe that barn wedding is just too dark and using amber up-lighting on the wood beams will bring out the warm wood tones. Any way you look at it – up-lighting will make your wedding photos even better.

Superior Sound Entertainment offers a variety of packages to fit your needs. Take a look at packages below. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions. Follow us on social media to see our weekly weddings. Links are at the bottom of the email. Thanks!



We now offer animated monograms  that will give your event a stylish and classy look. Take a look at our gallery and let us know the one that is perfect for you. Click on the image showing under monograms and then click the "Animated Monograms" tab.

Other styles available as well.

Texture Lighting

Texture lighting is an effect created by adding layers of lights using a variety of patterns. A lot of texture lighting is usually placed over walls that are already washed in color with LED or conventional lighting to add yet another dynamic to the atmosphere of your wedding or event. It’s a beautiful way to add more depth to decorations, room, and ambiance with out personally doing any more work.  These patterns can be a variety of different images from stripes, cityscapes, floral designs, clouds, dots, stars, etc – and can be totally customized to be anything you want.  The possibilities are litterally endless and are totally open to your creativity and what you desire. The best part of texture lighting is the ability to make your event more than just colored walls and be able to create a more stunning atmosphere that is personalized to your theme or vision.  Give us a call today to review your options with our texture lighting!

Advanced Dance Floor Lighting


Imagine this… It’s now about an hour into the time of your reception or party. The Dinner service was fantastic, everyone’s almost finished eating a fabulous meal. Ok. Now is the official time to “open up the dance floor”. How can you help to create a transition into this next phase of the party?

One of the easiest ways to add an element of excitement to your party: Dance Floor Lighting. Colorful, moving lights poured over the dance floor area create a visual effect that helps get people in the mood and makes the dance floor feel exciting.

One of the reasons why DJ’s  have advanced dance floor lighting systems and special effects is because they’re hoping to create high levels of energy and excitement using the lights while crowds dance in large, very dimly lit spaces.


Projector Service

In addition to the standard corporate uses of projectors in workshops, keynote speakers, presentations and breakout rooms, corporate event projector rentals can also be used for corporate entertainment events. Dazzle and captivate your potential clients and investors with clean, high quality images  and stage projection!


Cold Sparks

Cold Sparks.jpg

Experience breathtaking indoor / outdoor Sparkler display. The innovative Cold Spark (NON-flammable) machines are safe to touch and won’t cause any harm to venues. The output is controlled for perfect timing. Fit this into your event production and you’ll have a show that is stunning!

dancing on the clouds

Dancing in the Clouds is an amazing special effect. Not only will it leave your guests in awe but it will also make for some really gorgeous pictures! Our “Dancing on a Cloud” effect is Dry Ice based and will never rise above 3 feet off the floor and dissolves cleanly leaving absolutely nothing behind.

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